1 Night Project UA2011 Children’s Garden

September 2011

Construction of a masonry dome in the square in front of the Tokyo International Forum

A 4m high, 9m diameter masonry dome was constructed. It is a modern take on classical masonry.
Although the project was scheduled to be completed in 1 day, it actually took 2.5 days due to the fact that most of the construction was performed by students and regular people. The ability to complete the project in such a short period of time can be attributed to the short hardening time and ease of use of the CO2 Eco-Structure. The configuration of the structure only required the repetition of simple tasks described below.

Fill mold with silica sand.
Inject CO2.
Impregnate with epoxy resin.
Assemble the horizontal and vertical ribs.
Deliver to construction site.
Assemble the structure.
Assembly work.
Assembling the roof.
Installing the ceiling.

Playground equipment project to experience the architectural principle of the CO2 Eco-Structure.


There are ongoing plans to build a garden-type museum that also doubles as a playground for children.

Using a combination of “○" "△" "□" surrounding an interior net, the principle of the structure can be felt while the children play.

Other planned projects


A variety of projects are in progress.

■ Aiming to become the standard construction material in developing countries.

■ Rapid manufacturing of materials.

■ Use as model for education.

■ Ground restoration of areas affected by subsidence.

Disaster Relief